Background Investigations

Background Investigations usually center around preemptive intentions. MASTER P.I.'s investigative experience and techniques will find the information for you so you can make your own informed decisions. Pre-employment screening - Prenuptial agreements - the potential marriage of a loved one to someone questionable are only a few areas we specialize in. Don't take chances - Check them out BEFORE it's too late!

  • Personal Investigations
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Potential Marriage Screening
  • Personal Assets
  • Prior Marriages
  • Taxes
  • Personal Investigations
  • Criminal
  • Civil Information
  • Prior Employment History
  • Business Information
  • Taxes
  • Personal Assets

"Rush" Assignments
Are No Problem!

  • Custom tailored investigations is our specialty.
  • Case Assignments can be placed directly with a live rep by dialing our toll free number: 888-391-0666
  • You can fax an assignment: 888-391-0666